The Algae OperaThe Algae Opera

The Algae Opera, 2012

Keywords: sonic enhancement of taste, algae food culture, opera algae food, taste the song, exhibition, performance

An opera singer is transformed with biotechnology to form a unique relationship with algae.

The algae, which are a photosynthetic plant-like organism, feeds on the carbon dioxide in the singer’s breath. As an important future food source, the singer’s algae can also be eaten. Alongside listening to her music, the audience can also taste her song.

The Algae Opera

To increase the growth of the algae the body of the singer is trained to use her extraordinary large lung capacity to produce the highest quality algae-product. The composition of the song and the singer’s vocal technique are redesigned to specifically produce algae and enrich its taste. To do this, the composer and singer use the new science of sonic enhancement of food where different pitches and frequencies make food taste either bitter or sweet.

So in the age of biotechnology not only can the audience listen to her talent but they can also savor her unique blend of algae that are enriched by her song.




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Algae Opera
The Algae Opera


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In collaboration with:

Gameshow Outpatient: Composer, __Louise Ashcroft: Mezzo-Soprano, __Samuel Lewis: Actor, __Photography of The Algae Opera by Matt Mcquillan


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