The Algae Opera House, 2014

Welcome to the Algae Opera House.

Have you dined with us before?

Please be seated at the edge of the waterway. The floating dishes will bring tonight's menu to you. Simply pluck out the plate from the water. Then sit back and savour the song.

Each course is coloured-coded- white plates indicate savoury dishes and pink plates indicate the sweeter dishes.

Be sure to eat the dish that accompanies the corresponding section of music to experience the full sonic enhancement benefit.

The algae that is grown by your singers voice and the enriching ambience here at the Algae Opera House is created by the master opera singer, Evalga and her unique culture of algae. Alongside her algae produce, enjoy her artistry of the sonic enhancement of taste through her vocal-richness

If you miss a dish, please signal to the attendant and they will sail a dish directly to you.







The Algae Opera House overview





The Hillet

An algae opera attendant called The Hillet who creates a current in the water conveyor system by using an arm extension. The dish floats on the water carrying the food from the chef to the audience on the waves The Hillet produces.







On the menu




6 September 2014 for EYE Nights as part of BEYOND BIENNIAL at EYE, Amsterdam






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