Beyond Goose (2013)

The anatomy of the goose and the evolutionary marvel of the bird's flight creates a product that uses the preserving qualities of vodka, a global marketplace and the goose's gizzard, to polish gemstones that are not only a vital tool in the bird's digestive system, but also become a precious product bound for the marketplace.





The beauty within

The goose's gizzard is an organ that is vital in its digestive system. Like other birds, geese lack teeth. The gizzard is a muscular bag that holds the stones that are used as tools to grind their food.

Goose gastroliths, the gizzard stones. image from project noah

Bird's digestion system diagram: image from sharonapbio-taxonomy

For the piece Beyond Goose instead of normal stones found in the bird's gizzard, we give geese precious gemstones to use in their digestive process. As the goose eats, the grinding action in the gizzard slowly polishes the gems. As a result beautiful gemstones are collected.

Domestication, invention and intention

The super ability of geese to fly the highest and longest distances of many birds create an extra dimension to our concept. Through their evolutionary prowess, the geese with gems in their gizzards can transport their precious cargo across the world. Also domesticated geese can be trained to a high level, are loyal to their owners and are fierce defenders of their flock.

With these influences we developed the piece for various scenarios according to the intention of the bird's owner. For the mastermind of the diamond heist the system can be used in smuggling missions to transport gems for the black market. Alternatively for the goose farmer, the process creates a new bespoke service and product to add another dimension of productivity.

Hung in the vodka is a replica gizzard containing gemstones





The origins of the piece:

At BurtonNitta we have been fortunate to receive support to access the best art colleges in our training. Without this, we wouldn't be leading careers we are passionate about and to have the freedom to explore the boundaries of our practice. We are hugely grateful for the opportunities we have been fortunate to experience. As a way of thanks, we feel it is important to pass on this luck to others.

When Central Saint Martins approached us to create work for their auction to raise funds for new student scholarships - we felt it was the least we could do. Along with their corporate partner for the auction, Grey Goose, we were set the brief to re-imagine the brand and it's striking vodka bottle.

In the context of the brief and what creative education means to us, we approached the project as a chance to conceptually re-imagine the world through taking risks and collaborative discovery. In this case we also collaborated with geese to produce our outcome. This is one of several concepts we developed that re-considers the goose and inadvertently reinvents our relationship with this bird.



The Beyond Goose Vodka bottle will be auctioned at Central Saint Martins
on 2 July 2015 with all proceeds going directly to the Les Visionnaires Scholarship Fund.

For further information:

CSM x Grey Goose Les Visionnaires Scholarship Fund_____@CSMINNOVATION_____@GREYGOOSEUK



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