Co.Futures (2013)

Co. Futures is a creative residency located on the London high streets of Forest Hill, Kirkdale & Sydenham, commissioned by SEE3, Lewisham council and Mayor of London, run between January - August 2013.

The locations of our residency are at various stages of transition. All exhibit the signs of a changing world. These encompass shifting ways of trade and industry, the turbulent economy, developments in our work-life, food, science & technology.

We believe that with each of these changes a new possibility is presented to redesign the services, products and places that evolve in the resulting gaps.

Instead of filling our streets with the same products, shops and cafes found across the land, we proposed new opportunities to create a unique identity based on people, place & location to fill the gaps of the high street.

  Image from our final outcome "Hill, Dale and Ham", Future scenarios based on the findings of our residnecy - click here to find out more



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