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Knowledge banking
The knowledge portfolios of the Bank’s investors are charted on this map. Visit the locations and scan the QR codes to hear their accounts. Re-experience your surroundings when knowledge, landscape and people come together. In the Knowledge Bank, knowledge is shared not owned. Contact a broker today to give an account.


QR code plaques installed in the area (July - September)


Knowledge banking recording studio installation

Knowledge Banking
All audio accounts

Local history

1. Canal remains & stone plaque

2. Croydon Canal

3. Atmospheric railway

4. Oldest launderette

5. The Dartmouth Arms

6. “S” for shelter

7. Forest Hill High Street

8. Dartmouth Rd shops

9. St. Antholin’s spire & Robert Harrild’s

10. The house of Robert Harrild’s son

11. Sydenham Police Station

12. Reservoir

13. Common land

14. Kirkdale Institute

15. Scene of Eleanor Marx’s suicide

16. Watson Fothergill

17. George Grove’s house

18. Ernest & Frank Shackleton's house

19. Grave of Crystal Palace builders

20. Painting by Camille Pissarro

21. Cobbs Corner

22. The Greyhound

23. Cinemas

24. Oldest buildings in Sydenham

25. The Naborhood Centre

26. Church

Personal Account

27. Kilmorie motorcycle project

28. Sydenham Gardens

29. Secret garden - Mt. Ash Gardens

30. Sydenham Assembly’s
funding effort

31. The Sydenham Beast

32. Secret chemist's shop sign at Kente Cafe

33. Sydenham Blues Club at
The Golden Lion pub

34. Kent House Rd Leisure Allotments

35. Mayow Park

36. A dog knows every tree

37. Motorcycle shop

38. Mad people pushing prams

39. Home Park

40. Sydenham roadworks

41. The Sydenham Society

42. Walk from Crystal Palace
to Forest Hill




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