Gutscape, 2017


The human gut consists of a vast network of nerves that rivals the brain in both complexity and diversity of cell types. New perspectives originating from scientific research on the gut-brain reveals that this organ influences our feelings, helps create our gut-decisions, it listens in on the trillion of gut flora living inside us and steers our subconscious behaviour. Future enhancements of the gut-brain will create new potential for how it functions and its interactions with the rest of our body. New abilities gained may include upgraded intelligence, additional sensory perceptions of the environment and interactions with the wealth of gut flora that live inside us. 

Works within the Gutscape project consider new possibilities and relationships with the enhanced gut and the resulting embodied intelligence. The pieces created offer us a taste of the future gut-brain and explore scenarios that include: the creation of gut bacteria and fungi to manage our emotions and behaviour; heightened sensory experiences of other people and the landscape; ways to train the gut-brain; and to harness the collective power of the gut flora for new roles. Gutscape ushers in a hyper-sensory era where we will be able to increasingly gutscape and nurture our inner world.



Vegus Nerve Stimulation Helmet

The Vagus Nerve Stimulation Helmet, unlocks the potential of the gut-brain to combat the stress of our manmade world. The vagus nerve connects all major gut organs and the brain and is responsible for conveying gut-feelings. As a key component of the parasympathetic nervous system it regulates the “rest-and- digest” or “tend-and- befriend” responses. By stimulating the vagus nerve through the helmet the act of dining can enhance your connection between gut and brain, reduce depression and anxiety to increase well being and positive emotions.


Sinigrin Amplification Inhaler

In a contaminated world where heavy metals have drastic effects on the body, eating rituals around botanicals such as horseradish will activate the therapeutic properties of sinigrin that they contain for its anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and wound healing. The strong pungent smell and taste of the horseradish also play a role to heighten the senses and stimulate memory.





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