Isoculture (2012)

Imagine a city of the future isolated from the wider environment where humans become self-sustaining.

Food, energy, medicine, for example, is derived from human origin and man-made biological systems.

Outside of the Isoculture city the environment will become a ‘no-mans’ land to help it recover from widespread human impact.

In terms of their presence on the planet – humans aim to disappear.


The Isoculture project embraces future science & technology and prompts changes to our self-perception to redesign our human world. And by artificially recreating and updating the natural world, we understand and value our current relationship within the ecosystem on profound new levels.

Ultimately, underpinning the project is the question of whether it’s possible for humans to live in isolation. As such, the Isoculture prepares humans for unknown future challenges such as to live in hostile environments, a time of great biodiversity extinction, or maybe for life on another planet. Inhabitants seal off the city so not to encroach further on the surrounding environment.


Welcome to the Isoculture.

Isoculture laboratory 1 happened between March - May 2013 at the Watermans Gallery supported by Watermans and Arts Council. We are currently working on the online book publication which will be available at our shop soon.



Launch Isoculture website

Launch Isoculture website





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